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About the bean

All the rage in Costa Rica and spreading throughout Central America, honey processing is the middle ground between washed processing and natural/dry processing: the cherry peel is removed but some amount of the sticky, honey-like mucilage remains while the beans dry.

Honey-processed beans are assigned a colour to indicate the amount of light the bean is exposed to during drying. These particular beans are “red honey,” meaning that they dried for 2-3 weeks in the shade or on overcast days.

The advantage for farmers of coffee processed this way: lower risk of mold and over-fermentation and a shorter dry time. For us: an intensely sweet coffee with more character than other Central American varietals.

Expect to be intrigued – complex flavours; a refreshing and sweet cup.

Roast recommendation: This one can be tricky! At a medium-dark, these beans look like a decaf coffee. Best to go with a dark roast for a more uniform result. This bean is a fruity/neutral and will not lose its characteristics at a high roast.

For an explanation of our different roasts, see here:

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