Roasted - Tanzanian Peaberry (Coffee of the Week)


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About the bean

We love a good peaberry!

Do peaberries taste better because of their single seed uniqueness? A unicorn specialness that means more caffeine and perhaps more benefits as an only seed child (coffee cherries usually share the DNA between two). Honestly, we're not sure. We just like 'em! They roast more evenly (but also more quickly due to low moisture content) and they taste swell.

We always kept a peaberry on hand as our go-to brew at our old bricks and mortar location. A tradition we continue online. 

Peaberries are grown throughout the world but, thanks to some clever branding, Tanzania's coffee industry managed to tie itself inextricably to peaberries as one of their go-to sources of origin. Smart move. Peaberries are winners.

CUPPING NOTES: Sweet, black tea, plum, tangy, medium body.

In the cup, we took the peaberry for a ride! Tasty as expected, we enjoyed a balanced and consistent brew as an Americano, a latte, an espresso, as well as a French press serve (more body here). What really gave us a thrill at this time of year, was how well this pick performs as an iced option. As refreshing as they are, iced coffees can, well ... lose their coffee steam. Not so, the peaberry! The peaberry flavour shines through and that's a flavour we want to savour all year-round.

Roast recommendation: City to Full City. For an explanation of our different roasts, see here: 

The roasted Coffee of the Week is available as a City, Full City and Vienna roast profile only.