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About the bean

Our new crop of Tanzanian Peaberry is inspired by the gorgeous island of Pemba, which forms the Paradise Islands off the Zanzibar Archipelago located in East Africa. Also known as the 'Green Island', Pemba is secluded but nevertheless famous as the world's #1 producer of cloves with the perfume of clove at times filling the island air! This "Pemba" bean, however, is grown on mainland Tanzania in the south in the largest of the country's five coffee-growing regions - Mbeya. Coffee from Tanzania's south tends to be fruitier than beans from the north of the country.

Peaberry-grade coffee is prized by coffee connoisseurs for the uniform roasts they produce. According to mythology, the peaberry is male, and is often associated with virility.

The discovery

We typically use Tanzanian Peaberry as one of our go-to beans for espresso. For our taste test, we brewed the peaberry in both an AeroPress and French press. If we weren't already gaga for AeroPress as one of our favourite brewing options, we were delighted with the peaberry AeroPress-style at a City+ roast profile. Expect a sweet aroma, notes of chocolate, caramel, yellow fruits, sweet mango, even cherry. A good balance between brightness and body with a long aftertaste - and one of the best bodies we've Aeropressed in a while! Loved this one. If using an AeroPress, try our in-house coffee expert Priscila's favourite recipe here. Good for filtered coffee, pour over and drip, and, of course, espresso.

Roast recommendation: City+. For an explanation of our different roasts, see here:


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