Unroasted - Brazilian Peaberry


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About the bean

Once again, we are highlighting another coffee from our longtime partner in Brazil, farmer Danielle Fonseca, introduced to us through her sister, Priscila, our former in-house beans wiz. For us, the Brazilian Peaberry, has always been our go-to bean for espresso but its versatility makes it suitable for a range of brewing and serving options. It's always been a staple and a stand-by, which doesn't necessarily shine a light on the essential intrigue of the peaberry at all.

It's incredible to think that an agricultural defect in the coffee cherry, which is what the peaberry is, could prove to be so uniquely of value, not to mention tasty. Typically discarded by roasters, someone (bless them) thought to look into the 5-10 percent of these defects present in all harvests and give them a whirl. The peaberry - a coffee cherry where one ovule (structure inside the ovary of plants) fails to pollinate - allows for extra room for a single developing seed, instead of two. That makes for a bigger baby and some single-child benefits including, some say, more caffeine (more nutrients!), increased density, a brighter acidity and more complex flavours in the cup. And, even though they're identified as "defects," peaberries are often grown as high-quality lots. Ain't nothing shabby 'bout the peaberry.

Our new Brazilian Peaberry cultivated as a joint-partnership by neighbouring farmers, Danielle and Luiz Claudio, is a swell pick at a City to Full City roast profile. The expected crema and sweet presence in the cup delivers. Good body, mild acidity, sweet caramel character and pleasing finish. Shines as a plunge-press, espresso base and for blends. 

Quick Notes

Region: Sul de Minas, Santana de Vargem
Producer: Danielle Fonseca
Farm: Fazenda da Serra & Fazenda Cerradao
Process: Natural
Altitude: 900 masl.
Varietals: Red Catuai
Screen Size: 15+ Peaberry separation

In the Cup: Notes of chocolate, caramel, malt, creamy, citric, dense body

Roast Recommendation: However you like your espresso or espresso-based drinks. We prefer a City to Full City roast. An oily bean if roasted too dark (peaberries are smaller and oils appear faster). Go lighter for malt notes and citrus complexity (good for folks wanting to reduce acidity). For an explanation of our different roasts, see here: http://greenbeanery.ca/pages/roasting-chart.