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Unroasted - Costa Rica Red Honey


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About the bean

This is a most delightful bean! Expect your pleasure centres to be activated. 

"Honey" coffees are depulped but left to dry in the sticky mucilage beneath the skin of the coffee cherry. The honey classification of white, yellow, red or black honey can refer to the different amounts of mucilage for each type that is left or to the amount of sun the bean has been exposed to during the drying process.

Typically, red honeys retain half their mucilage and are kept in the sun longer than white or yellow honeys and the result is a deeper, darker flavour.

What to expect

A real treat of a bean! Brown sugar, strawberry, cherry and jam form the bouquet (aroma). The very sweet chocolate-strawberry flavour is carried by an effervescent brightness balanced by a dense but soft body. Delicate, elegant and flavorful, with a sweet and long aftertaste. 

A fast favourite and a very versatile bean. Suits a range of brew methods and roast preferences. 

Roast recommendation: Roast to preference. We opted for a City roast brewed in a Hario V60.

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