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Unroasted - Costa Rican Fair Trade Organic - Honey Processed


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About the bean

Honey-processed beans are an intriguing lot! This process falls between the washed and natural/dry methods of processing beans and is not particularly common outside of Central America and, to an extent, Brazil. For honey beans, the cherry peel is removed but some of the sticky mucilage beneath the coffee cherry's skin remains while the beans dry. The mucilage is both sticky and very sweet, much like honey.

Our Costa Rican Fair Trade Organic - Honey Processed beans are from the Brunca region which is known for its fine Arabica coffee cultivated on small, hillside fincas (farms).

The discovery

We had fun with this one! As an American roast brewed in a French press, the bean's bouquet of delights are fully present - floral notes (along with honey, caramel, peach and raisins). The aroma - most pleasant, indeed! [Shop our French press selection].

Some of us preferred the increased body at a Full city roast with a more balanced sweetness. A great pick for a morning brew.

Switch to a Chemex and stay with a lighter roast for the wine-effect of this bean: the hallmark of great coffees when the bean's flavours become amplified and easier to distinguish. Expect more of everything with this brew method in the best way. [Shop Chemex]

For an AeroPress, we tried a Full City and the result was a concentrated shot with a slight bitterness that fans of body and oomph will relish. [Shop AeroPress]

The V60 (pourover) method was a delight both for the palate and the eyes. The Full City roast profile here produced a fruity, medium brightness with herbal notes, a wonderful body and a honey finish. [Shop V60/Pourover]

Whatever the brew method, our cup maintained a good balance across the spectrum of brightness, body, sweetness and flavour. Again, the hallmark of a great bean.

Cupping notes

Region: Brunca
Altitude: 850 - 1,100 masl.
Certifications: Fair Trade and Organic
Type: Strictly Hard Bean
Botanical variety: Caturra and Catuai
Harvest: October-March

Roast recommendation: Light to Dark. Take the journey! 

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