Unroasted - Ethiopian Harrar GR4


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About the bean

Harrar coffee beans are one of the oldest coffee varietals in the world. Sourced from Ethiopia's eastern highlands, beans from this legendary region are sorted by hand and left to sun dry. The cherry surrounding the coffee seed dries around the coffee bean before it's removed and this typically increases the absorption of sugars and starch. The result is a unique, fruity flavour - rather wine-like with a notable aftertaste, bold and full-bodied (heavier and more complex typically than "clean bean" Ethiopian Yirgacheffe). Harrar coffees are good picks for food pairings, blends (even blending the Harrar at different roast profiles and ratios is a great option), and espresso, where the Harrar is often enjoyed (nice crema to boot).  

Hurrah for Harrar!

This batch is typical for a Harrar: not too buzzy, heavy body, soft and slightly wild in the cup with prounounced fruit notes (stone fruit). The Harrar is usually preferred as a medium to dark roast. Try a light roast for a more complex expression of what the Harrar has to offer (although the Harrar's prized body will diminish here).

Roast Recommendation: Medium dark to dark. For an explanation of our different roasts, see here: