Unroasted - Indian Monsoon Malabar


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About the bean:
Monsoon coffees are named after India's monsoon winds. Arabica coffee is bagged and kept in open-sided sheds and warehouses to maximize exposure to the monsoon air. The cherry coffee absorbs moisture from the humid monsoon wind, causing the beans to swell to nearly double their original size and change in colour (to pale yellow/straw/almost white) and weight (extremely light). The monsooning process takes 12 to 16 weeks.

Many swear by this coffee but it is not for everyone. It produces an intense cup with a complex of potent flavors and a long caramel finish. If you prefer a "clean" cup, this particular experience is not for you.

Roast recommendation:

Hoo! Where to begin! A light roast will bring out this bean's full pungency. A dark roast will limit the legendary distinctiveness of this extraordinary bean. Perhaps opt for a medium roast to begin with or simply select your roast preference as you would ordinarily. 

Monsoon is often talked up for its value in espresso blends: for its crema wow, thick body and exceptionally low acid content. Some Italian espresso roasting companies use Monsoon to add an "exotic" element to the mix.

Roasted Monsoon has a remarkable shelf life - another reason it is a perfect coffee to have on hand for blending.

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