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We have a variety of Reg Barber tampers with different bases, handles, and logos to choose from! The bases and handles of these tampers are fully replaceable, so you can change up the look of your espresso station with ease. Reg Barber is among the best in the world for tamper quality, both in looks and performance. For over 20 years, they have been creating new styles and methods of manufacturing these essential tools.

Base Options:
Each tamper base has a specific size, shape and material.

The size to purchase depends on your portafilter. Choose a tamper size that is .5-1 mm smaller than the inner diameter of your portafilter. Many espresso machines have a standard portafilter size, making it easier to find the right tamper for you.

We offer two standard shapes for tamper bases; flat or american curve. It is best to match the shape of your tamper to the curvature of the ‘shower’ of the machine you use (ie. where the water comes out and makes contact with the grinds).

We now also offer the Lazy V, for those who need a big base for a VST basket! Reg Barber's big base won't create suction and won't stick in your porta filter. 

All RB stainless steel is made in the USA using standard 304 food grade steel. Stainless steel resists rust and corrosion and is a heavier metal. It is the recommended base material at RB.


For materials, Reg Barber recommends the stainless steel, as it is the least maintenance over time and maintains its sleek finish. The copper and brass bases are more likely to tarnish, but their heavier feel and classier look make for a higher-end tamper. For actual use, the different materials essentially perform the same.

Handle Options:

Wood handles:

Reg Barber tamper handles are made from a variety of luxurious woods from around the world. Each tamper can take up to four days to make before the handcrafting process is complete. The tampers are shaped and turned on a wood lathe, then hand sanded and polished for a beautiful finish. The wood handles come with a white inlaid crown to prevent damage to your equipment from contact with the side of a porta-filter. Our wood varieties are listed below:

Bubinga: also known as African Rosewood. It is a deep red African hardwood with a dark grain.

Maple: High quality Eastern Canadian Maple wood, with a soft golden finish.


Powder-coated Handles:
These tampers are hand-crafted with aluminum, turned on a CNC lathe. They are then coated with a dry powder applied electrostatically, and cured under heat. Once they are completed, they have a beautiful smooth finish. Powder coating is more durable than conventional paint and looks stunning!

Our available colours are: black, red, yellow, blue

Anodized Steel Handles:
Reg Barber chose the anodizing technique for its durability. This involves immersing the handles in a chemical bath and applying an electrical current to it, causing oxide to be produced from the resulting rust on the aluminum. This layer of oxide hardens the aluminum and makes it resistant to corrosion.

We offer these handles in a red, blue and black.

Reg Barber Enterprises Inc. is located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. They have been designing handcrafted Espresso Coffee Tampers since 1995.

Type: Tampers

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