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Roasted - Brazilian Cerrado 2/3, SC 17/18 SS FC


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About the bean

It's finally been warm enough to add some ice to our favourite beverage and this pick is perfect for both hot and chill preparation. Our current batch of Cerrado is a blend from four farms in Brazil's Minas Cerais state - the biggest producer of this coffee powerhouse nation. The price is great on this one and it's a damn fine representative of Brazil's charms: body, balance, sweetness and those nice nutty notes we look for from this region. Check out the Japanese Iced Coffee recipe we used to sample the Cerrado below.

Great price, versatile and tasty - a Brazilian favourite.

Quick Notes

Region: Cerrado Mineiro (Minas Gerais state)
Species: Arabica
Altitude: 800- 1,300 masl.

Process:  Natural

Taste Test

Full City roast brewed in a Hario V60 pour over (served as Japanese Iced Coffee)
For the Japanese Iced Coffee, we used the same ratio as we would for a regular V60 pour over brew: 30g of coffee to 500ml of water. But instead of using all of that water, we used half for brewing (250ml) and the other half (250ml) to make ice cubes. Adjust the ratio of coffee to water to suit preference but be sure to replace half of the water with the same in ice cubes - the ice cubes lock in flavour and dilute what could be a too-strong cup. The genius of this method: there's no need to refrigerate. You will, however, need a manual pour over for the job. Our go-to brewers are: Chemex and the Hario V60 dripper. Help yourself to the recipe we followed here.

Feel free to add extras. We recommend popping in peppermint, just mint, orange or lemon peel, a sprig of rosemary - whatever you fancy. By itself, the iced coffee is potent, sweet and pleasantly permeated with notes of dark chocolate and dried plums. We're looking forward to a summer of Japanese Iced Coffee.

American roast brewed in a French press
Nice balance, good body, medium brightness and a sweet caramel deliciousness followed in the aftertaste.

Roast recommendation: City to Full City (soft bean, will roast quickly). For an explanation of our different roasts, see here:

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