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Roasted - Brazilian Cerrado 2/3, SC 17/18 SS FC


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About the bean

Ah, Cerrado; you do not disappoint. The Cerrado in Brazil is a biologically rich, sprawling, tropical savanna located in Minas Gerais state, Brazil's coffee-producing powerhouse. Our Brazilian Cerrado is a blend of four farms in the northwest of this state and the result is solid. This is a classic Brazilian bean - bittersweet, chocolatey, a little bit of nut, low in acidity, good body. And this bean is a versatile companion - just right as a breakfast cup, in blends, for espresso (lots of crema and body) and for cold brew (great price point for that, too). It's not a fancy bean, it's not a taste adventure, it's not average - what you have here is good coffee for the everyday and to play with. Stock up!

Quick Look

Species: Arabica
Processing: Dry
Appearance: 17-18 screen
Acidity: Mild
Body: Medium
Complexity: No
Balance: Yes
Flavour: Good body, clean and well balanced; consistent, rich aroma, chocolate and almond notes.

Roast recommendation: City to Full City (soft bean, will roast quickly). For an explanation of our different roasts, see here:

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