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About the bean

In general, Colombian coffee tends to have a slight hazelnut taste, a sharp aroma with rich body and a medium-to-high acidity.

For some time now, especially since offers from private exporters have become more consistent, we have noticed a remarkable quality upgrade in exports of Colombian coffee.

This fine arabica is grown at high altitudes in Columbia's Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain region.

Cupping notes

Species: Coffea Arabica
Processing: Wet-processed
Grade: Estate
Region: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia
Appearance: Screen 15
Acidity: Medium high
Body: Rich
Complexity: No
Balance: Yes
Flavour: A lightly fruited sweetness (golden raisin in light roasts) is the primary attribute in this bean's dry fragrance, with milk chocolate appearing as the roast level nears Full City. The wet aroma is dominated by fruits as well, but there is a neat, toasty malt-o-meal hot cereal scent in the light roast, somewhat buttery too.
Roast recommendation: City to City+, with a lighter roast preferred. Darker roasts proffered a more bitter quality that, overlaid on the fruit, didn't work so well.

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