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Unroasted - Colombian Supremo SC 17/18


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About the bean

Many of us are quite familiar with coffee from Colombia, and for that, we should consider ourselves fortunate. Grown at high altitudes on shaded mountains, the country's premium Arabica beans are literally hand-picked for quality. Meanwhile, a long history of high-impact marketing by Colombia's National Federation of Coffee Growers has succeeded in ensuring we all know how good its product is.

Our delicious Colombian Supremo SC 17/18 comes to us from Popayán in one of the country's central coffee-producing micro-regions. Popayán is also well known for its chalk-white facades, stone streets and baroque churches in the shadow of steep mountains.

What to expect

A simply lovely, clean cup with a touch of the hazelnut taste Colombian coffee is known for. Rich body and a medium-to-high acidity.

For our taste test, we opted for an American (light) roast. The friendly snap at this level was very enjoyable and the aroma an absolute treat. This is a coffee for all tastes.

Cup Notes

Altitude: 1,700 masl.
Process: Washed Arabica
Harvest: April-June (main crop)

Roasting recommendation: Go to dark but go further and risk losing the cup's fruity brightness. City to City+ (this profile
might initially seem bright, but as the cup cools, it takes on a darker character. Keep the roast lighter, perhaps venturing to Full City).

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