Unroasted - Ethiopian Sidamo Bensa Natural GR4


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About the bean

We have always considered Sidamo a staple at Green Beanery but a staple with enormous range of character thanks to the region's microclimates and soil variability. Differences are everywhere and that translates to a winning distinction for Sidamo, one of Ethiopia's three trademarked coffees, along with Yirgacheffe and Harrar. 

The classic Sidamo offers a chorus of berry (often blueberry) layered with dark chocolate, an overall pleasantness and a reassuring strength. And that's what we have with our new batch of Sidamo from the country's southern Bensa zone, which took top spot in Ethiopia's Cup of Excellence competition in 2021.

The note of interest here is the natural (ancient) process of drying in the sun, which imbues the cherry with more of the coffee fruit's sugars and nutrients. The wet method separates the coffee seed from the fruit and became the go-to option because it produces consistent results. But the natural route can proffer the pay-off of risk, a unique taste, and that old thing we call: magic.

Welcome back, Sidamo!

The cupping notes raised a slight eyebrow but on sampling, we enjoyed a fine canter of a brew. Just the friend we wanted to walk through the door! Flavourful with the expected berry-chocolate swing, a medium brightness and high body. Versatile for different brew styles (drip, espresso), roast profiles, and delicious in every direction. More, please!

Quick Notes

REGION: Sidama, Bensa
PROCESS: Natural
GRADE: G4 (standard grade, good quality)
ALTITUDE: 1,900-2,000 masl
VARIETALS: Ethiopia heirloom varieties
DRYING METHOD: Raised beds
NOTE: Farmers in Sidamo by default are typically organic if not certified as such. Fertilizer and pesticide use is rare. Farm processes are usually manual, with few steps mechanized.

CUPPING NOTESDark chocolate strawberries, oatmeal & granola, sweet and clean.

Roast recommendation: Take your pick! Great for espresso and holds flavour in the darker reaches. For an explanation of our different roasts, see: http://greenbeanery.ca/pages/roasting-chart