Roasted - Guatemala SHB EP


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About the bean:
Guatemalan coffees are revered as some of the most flavorful and nuanced coffees in the world. Strictly hard bean, European processed, or SHB EP coffee is an elegant cup: The fragrance very sweet! It is floral and fruited shifting to a mildly chocolate aromatic base with sugar cane sweetness. Cup flavors are very mild and the aftertaste is rather lingering, the appeal of this cup is its fine aromatics, and delicate, clean personality. The body is light but has a creamy texture. This is the classic, clean, Central American cup, refined, fragile, and seductive. Don't expect flavors to leap out, rather, this is a coffee you can savour.

Roasting requirements: City to Full City+ City roasts have tannic fruit, floral aroma, malty roast flavors. FC roasts have chocolate, raisin, concord grape, floral notes, spice.

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