Roasted - Guatemala SHG, Fair Trade Organic


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About the bean

One of our star offerings this year has been the Guatemala FTO. 

Our current batch of Guatemala Fair Trade Organic is from a group of farmers working together as ASOBAGRI (Asociación Barillense de Agricultores), an association created in 1989 by farmers seeking better social and working conditions. Today, more than 1000 growers (95 of which are women) produce coffee through the ASOBAGRI group. All ASOBAGRI members produce certified organic, Fair Trade, Café Femenino, and Bird Friendly coffee. For more about the association, see their website here:

Cultivated in Huehuetenango in the western highlands of Guatemala, Huehuetenango is one of three non-volcanic regions in Guatemala recognized by Anacafé (the country's national coffee association). This area is one of the highest growing altitudes in Guatemala (rising to 2000 metres).

Typically, coffee from Guatemala is sweet with a medium to full body and a chocolate taste ranging from cocoa (bittersweet) to milk chocolate. Coffee from Huehuetenango (pronounced “way-way-ten-an-go”) presents a fruitier profile.

One of the best.

Quick Notes


Altitude: 1300 - 1600 masl.
SHG: Strictly High Grown
Process: Washed Arabica, sun and machine dried
Harvest Period: October-March

Taste Test

We sampled the Guatemala FTO as a City roast profile brewed in a Hario V60 pourover and as a Full City roast profile brewed in a French press. A distinct maple syrup taste emerged at the City profile and we were quite taken with the buzzy, sharp and strong brew this level produced. The flavour became fruitier (prune and peach) at the Full City and our test group was split over which we preferred most. Enough to say, it's hard to go wrong here. The Guat is great.

Roast recommendation: Medium or to preference (this is a flexible and good-looking bean). For an explanation of our different roasts, see here: