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About the bean

Our Kenya AA FAQ hails from "the heart of Black Gold Coffee," the moniker given east African coffee powerhouse Nyeri due to a slow maturation process that results in especially dense beans packed with flavour. Coffee producers in Nyeri tend to be small-scale and organized into cooperatives, known for their high standard of consistency.

Due to differing tastebuds, and other factors, it is rare at one of our taste testings to enjoy a consensus, but for once we found ourselves in agreement: this Kenya AA is close to perfect and very much the "coffee face of Kenya" - its characteristics typical of the best the country has to offer.

What to expect

Aromatic wow. A very bright cup, good body, with notes of citrus and a delightful caramel finish. Coffees from Nyeri are generally noted for their
more fructose sugar, juicy mouthfeel, and strong tart acids.

A wonderful drip coffee, pour over or French press brew. A little too acidic for espresso. Try a 30-40% ratio for blends. Recommended as a blend with Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, which is less acidic and more floral.

AA is the highest grade given based on a screening process that sorts beans primarily by size (the larger the bean, the better it supposedly is). FAQ stands for Fair Average Quality and is a class system used by the Coffee Board of Kenya to rate the quality of the bean.

Cupping Notes

Fully Washed and sun-dried on raised beds
Species: Arabica
Harvest: Main crop, January to March
Cupping score: 87.3 (out of 100 points; over 85 considered excellent)

Roasting recommendation: Medium to dark. We loved the City+. It's easy to go too dark because the Kenya AA is a dense bean. But go too dark and you will lose the acidity. For an explanation of our different roasts, see here:

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