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Our Kenya AA FAQ offering is from Nyeri. Nestled between ancient mountains and rich in loamy volcanic soils, Nyeri is considered one of the finest producing regions from East Africa's coffee powerhouse Kenya. Coffee producers in Nyeri tend to be small-scale and organized into cooperatives, known for their high standard of consistency. 

Nyeri has earned the moniker, "the heart of Black Gold Coffee," owing to a slow maturation process that results in especially dense beans packed with flavour. Coffee from here generally strikes a wonderful balance of body, brightness and taste.

AA is the highest grade given based on a screening process that sorts beans primarily by size (the larger the bean, the better it is). FAQ stands for Fair Average Quality and is a class system used by the Coffee Board of Kenya to rate the quality of the bean.

Cupping Notes

Fully Washed and sun-dried on raised beds
Acidity: Up there!
Body: 7.7 (out of 10)
Balance: 7.8
Aftertaste: 7.7
Uniformity: 10
Clean cup: 10
Defect points: 0
Flavour: A very bright and well balanced cup with the Kenyan signature note of berry, as well as underlays of spice and lemon.
Good for: Serve as you like. The Kenya AA FAQ is delightfully flexible.

Roasting recommendation: Medium to dark. Refer to our roasting guide here.

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