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Pallo CoffeeTool Espresso Machine Brush


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Finally a better, smarter, scald-free way to clean your espresso machine group heads! Pallo's coffee tool is a revolutionary multi-function cleaner for baristas in the workplace and home. Unlike other group head brushes, the CoffeeTool's unique design and clever water deflecting fins keep hands cool and dry while cleaning. Other useful features include a backflush detergent scoop that reduces waste by dosing the correct amount of detergent every time. In addition, CoffeeTool's steam wand "Vent Poker" feature comes in very handy when dealing with blockages. (Goodbye paper clips!). When the stiff, long-lasting bristles finally wear out, simply remove the used bristles and thread on a new bristle cartridge.

The Pallo Coffeetool truly is your best friend when it comes to cleaning espresso machine group heads.

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