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About the bean

Our Sumatra Mandheling GR1 is a popular pick. Typically, Sumatra is preferred as a medium-dark to dark roast - these beans hold onto their complex character at a darker level better than others. Another point of interest: in Sumatra, and elsewhere in Indonesia, a process called Giling Basah is used to separate beans from the coffee cherries directly after picking. This method exposes the beans to the environment during the drying process, which some say may explain their distinctive flavour - a lot of body, a lot of character. Double Picking is also part of the preparation - these beans are hand-picked twice for defects in order to improve export quality. 

Because Sumatran beans are usually roasted dark, we opted to go a bit lighter - adventure called! As such, we taste tested a City roast brewed in both a pour over as well as a French press. The pour over produced herbal notes, a medium to low acidity and a discreet honey sweetness. The French press gave us more body but less of the flavour we enjoyed with the pour over; although bonus winey and earthy notes did emerge.

Why go lighter? If you don't like fruity, floral or bright coffees. Otherwise, stick to the darker roast rule of thumb for the Sumatra beans - particularly if you're aiming for a creamy cup of espresso.

More, more, more! These are versatile beans. We recommend trying a Sumatran Syrup for a summer treat. Drizzle this over vanilla ice-cream and enjoy: Take a cup of brewed coffee (at a Full City roast and use a stronger ratio than normal - such as 20g for 200ml). Place your cup of brewed coffee on the stovetop in a pot and add three spoonfuls of sugar; reduce temperature when the mixture reaches boiling point and leave on the stovetop for 10-15 minutes. Keep stirring (you want a thick syrup, similar to the consistency of a chocolate syrup). Remove from the heat and serve over ice-cream. 😋

Roast recommendation: Medium-dark to Dark.

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