Cup of love

We've been on a gift card making rampage lately at Green Beanery. Naturally, we whipped up some gift cards in celebration of Valentine's Day [see below] and that led us to wonder: how many celebration days are there?

Right away, we discovered a world of celebration and commemorative days that we had never heard of; too many to keep up with as the list is dynamic and ever-growing but it does make you wonder: can anything be a public day of celebration?

For example, one extensive list we looked at, collected by, posted the following as bona fide days of celebration meaning something to someone, somewhere: there's Public Sleeping Day on February 28 (which encourages dozing on park benches, subways and on the job), Near Miss Day (to mark the happy failure of a huge asteroid that nearly collided with earth on March 23, 1989), Sorry Charlie Day (on April 6, calls for folks to reflect on past rejection), and so on and so on. It seems anyone can create a day to mark any event or issue, and even nothing at all, as is the case with I Forgot Day (July 2).

But if there's one celebration few of us can remove from our thoughts, it's Valentine's Day, this Sunday, February 14. As such, our Green Beanery Valentine-themed gift cards may look like they're aimed at the turtle dove set but, in truth, we kept the individual coffee lover in mind during their creation. Because coffee is a lifelong kiss between two lips and a mug, we know who you'll be sending these gift cards to and you're welcome, you.


Meanwhile, the theme of the day will be on full parade at the Green Beanery store and cafe on the evening of February 14. Visitors friends, lovers, strangers or shoppers who have completely forgotten the occasion can expect candlelight, decorations, heart latte art and gift packs.

Lisa Peryman
Lisa Peryman


Lisa Peryman has worked with Greenpeace Australia and The Wilderness Society (Australia). She studied journalism in New Zealand and book and magazine publishing in Canada. Her background includes reporting and editing for daily newspapers and trade magazines, as well as creative copywriting for broadcast. Lisa is continuing her studies in Canada and currently works with Probe International as an editor and writer. Earnings from Green Beanery operations support the work of Probe International, a Canadian charity that works with citizens' groups around the world to protect their lands and their livelihoods. Probe International is a Canadian trust.