Unroasted - Sumatra Mandheling GR1


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About the bean

Most coffee from Sumatra's westernmost province of Aceh is shade-grown in the Gayo highlands, almost all without chemicals at altitudes of 2,500 to 5,000 feet. The majority of farmers in this region use the wet-hulled (Giling Basah) method of processing coffee; a time-saving method used to separate beans from the coffee cherries directly after picking. Beans are exposed to the environment during the drying process which impacts the resulting flavour (coffees head to market with a much higher moisture content). The taste profile of these unique coffees tends to be earthy, herbaceous, low in brightness (acidity) and sought after for their smooth, full bodied, typically dark-roasted richness.

Mandheling is Sumatra's most high-profile coffee export. The term Mandheling indicates a high-quality coffee (and is an alternative spelling for the Mandailing people who traditionally farmed and processed the coffee that has been named after them). Grade 1 Sumatras are hand-picked twice for defects to ensure consistency.

Please note: The appearance of unroasted Sumatran beans can run to disheveled. Motley is how they look as a result of the Giling Basah wet-hulled process. Weird and wonderful is the point of view to adopt here.

For friends of the earth and fans of rich adventure.

Variety: Catimor, Typica
Region: Aceh, Sumatra

Process: Giling Basah (wet-hulled), sun dried
Harvest: June - December

Taste Notes

To maximize the Mandheling's body, we opt for the French press brew method. For enhanced flavour, we pick pour over. Either way, the taste profile offers a clean earthiness, good body, notes of spice and wood with a sweet chocolate finish that lingers on the back of the palette.

The Sumatra Mandheling GR1 is a great pick for a creamy espresso, a herbaceous, sweet brew at a lighter roast profile, a smooth, rich gem at a darker profile, and for extra - these beans go further as a delicious cold brew or made into syrups drizzled over desserts. Yum.

Roast Recommendation: To preference. For an explanation of our different roasts, see here: