Unroasted - Peru Fair Trade Organic HB MCM


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About the bean

We have been waiting for this fresh delivery of Peruvian FTO coffee with great anticipation but we no longer know quite what we'll discover in the cup. The typical perception of a Peruvian offering is mild in character, smooth with gentle notes of interest. Peru coffees, however, are marvellously varied. We tend to forget what a player on the world coffee scene Peru is - ranked as either the 8th or 10th (depending on sources) biggest producer on the planet and the #1 exporter of organic Arabica.

This batch of FTO Peru is from the Jaén Province of northern Peru's lush Cajamarca region. Considered high jungle and known for its coffee, rice and the best cocoa in the country, Jaén lies in close proximity to a number of wonderful natural delights: scenic waterfalls, forest reserves, hot springs, national parks - including Cutervo, the country's oldest, protected area populated by endangered species such as the flying, fruit-feeding Oilbird - a dweller of cave ledges by day, the Oilbird takes flight at night in search of the bounty of oil palms and tropical laurels.


Quick Notes

Species: Arabica
Category: Single Origin
Process: Washed and sun dried
Altitude: 1,300-1,800 masl.
Region: Cajamarca, northern Peru
Organic certified: Bio Latina
HB: Hard Bean (HB) or High Grown (HG). These beans are grown above 1,200 masl. (metres above sea level).

MCM: Most coffee from Peru is either an MCM / Grade 2 category, or MC / Grade 3 category. These coffees offer a medium acidity and body with a pleasant and clean flavour. Grade 1 (as per this coffee) is the highest quality on this scale, distinguished by a very good acidity and body with a lovely aroma.
Taste Test

We went for our go-to brews: an American roast in a Hario V60 (pour over) and a City roast in a French press - these methods give us a good sense of what's in the cup; and this cup is good! Peru surprised us, as it often does, with a sharp, sprightly, buzzy coffee with ripe notes of red berry (cherry) offset by a sweet, smooth caramel aftertaste. As usual, we were divided over light vs. dark, and that really comes down to preference if the bean quality is nice (it is). The lighter roast gave us a sharp, tasty brew; the City roast gave us more sweetness and a rounder mouthfeel. We also tried this one as a latte at a Full City roast - oh my, my! If you're geared up for specialty drinks, play with Peru! It's got just the right amount of jazz as a base for fancy fare (lattes, cappuccinos, etc.) and makes a good pick for darker roasts, in general. A team player for blends, to boot. 

Roast recommendation: To preference. For an explanation of our different roasts, see here: